13-­15, London, UK MA Fine Art Media, The Slade School of Fine Art.
10-­13, London, UK BA (Honour) Photography, Camberwell College of Arts.
09-­10, London, UK Foundation Diploma in Art And Design, London College of Fashion.

2016, London, UK, USE/USER/USED, Zabludowicz Collection .

2016, Athens, Greece, The Day After the First Day, Entreprise Project . Curated by .
2015, London, UK, Trailer for a Remake of Chorus for 4, Green Ray. Curated by
Gabriela Acha, Katy Orkisz and Nathalie Boobis.

2015, London, UK, I Never Lied To You, Camberwell Space. Curated by Daisy McMullan.

2015, London UK, Gilted Ceremony. With Marios Stamatis in collaboration with .2dot. Curated by Marios Stamatis. Assembly Point.

2015, London UK, Faith Dollars Taxfree Imagination & Uptown Bliss. With Marios Stamatis. Curated by Marios Stamatis. Assembly Point.

2015, Slade School of Fine Art, London UK, Circular Stream Corporation, Slade MA/MFA Degree Show

2015, London, UK, MARK II, Curated by Harry Bix. With Marios Stamatis. Woburn Car Park.

2015, London, UK, Tara has no Room Inside, Curated by Rossana Puyol. In collaboration with Marios Stamatis,3 Fountayne Road.

2015, London, UK, Ambiguity #2 || fictional symposium. Organized by Sarai Kirshner and Valinia Svoronou, The Showroom.

2014, Lefkada, Greece, Acasa-open studio, residency program. With Marios Stamatis, Artiria .

2014, Stockholm, Sweden, Open Studio SITE residency, SITE Stockholm.

2014,London, UK, Second Person Looking out, UCL Art Museum .

2014,London, UK, Over and Out, Imperial Work . With Marios Stamatis. Curated by Dolly Kershaw.

2014, Geneve, Switzerland, BYOB Geneva Le Commun Geneve . With Marios Stamatis. Curated by Elias Carella, Eva Papamargariti & Loïq Sutter.

2014, London, UK, Into The Fold, Camberwell Space. With Marios Stamatis & Celina Leisegang

2013, London, UK CCW Film screening Founding, South London Gallery.

2012, London, UK Peckham Space Open Performance night, Peckham Space.

2012, London, UK Exploding Cinema, St James Hatcham Church.

2012, London, UK Late Graphics-­Creative Voice, Victoria and Albert Museum.

2012, London, UK A Midsummer’s Eve, V22.

        AWARD and FUNDING

2015, London, UK, Boise Travel Scholarship.
2015, London, UK, Berenice Goodwin Prize for Achievement in Performance.
2014, France, Shortlisted for Entente Cordiale Scholarship 2014-2015.
2013, London, UK CCW Artist Moving Image Film Funding.
2013, France, Shortlisted for Entente Cordiale Scholarship 2013-2014.
2013, London, UK Best performance, Audience Vote, Peckham Space London.


2015-2016, Green Ray; London. In Collaboration with Marios Stamatis.
2014, Artiria; Acasa, residency program. In Collaboration with Marios Stamatis. Lefkada, Greece.
2014, Site Stockholm, Sweden.